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Mad Mark’s Stereo in Bradenton Videos

Objectives: We wanted to take Mad Mark’s loud and proud style and lift it from boring text and images into dynamic video that shows off their high end custom audio systems to increase social media interaction.

How we did it: Working with Mad Mark’s we decided to focus two of the videos on their main business of car audio and to spend the other two videos touching on a business they wanted to expand more into: marine audio. The car audio videos were designed as sizzle reels showing off a couple of their recent projects with a focus on snappy editing and hip hop backing tracks that matched the target demographic of 20-35 year old that are interested in car audio.

For the marine audio videos we wanted one that hit on their core demographic (The 7.1 surround sound kayak) and another that was aimed at the normal boating demographic with money available to improve their experience (Seafood Shack in process video).

The response: Huge. Across all the videos we reached almost 13,000 views, 6,493 minutes watched, 279 likes, 25 comments, and 56 shares. This was a massive increase over normal user interaction on their Facebook page and there were correlated spikes in traffic to the newly designed site we built for Mad Mark’s as well. We saw consistent spikes in video viewership of upwards of 200% with page views jumping around 400% on average with organic reach of the videos at just under 1,000 in the first day.

The Tricked Out Hummer H3

Seafood Shack Sneak Peak

7.1 Surround Sound Kayak

Dodge Nitro Build Log with Custom Fabrication