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Find out what's hurting


We'll perform a full site audit and determine all the factors that are hurting your site's performance and search engine ranking.


What's a Full


A full site audit means that we look at your site holistically. We check to see what technical problems you're having (slowness, bad redirects, etc.), what the on-page SEO issues are (proper tagging, schema, and headings etc.), and finally a plan of action that you can execute with our help or on your own. We want to make the web a better place and we hope that you'll want to work with us once you see our skill and results but if you'd prefer the DIY approach or already have a developer that's no problem.


1. Issues with

If you have poor on-page SEO then your customers may not be able to find you at all. It's vital to ensure that your pages are well structured, properly tagged, and follow Google's guidelines to get the highest ranking.

We check every single page of your site for issues.
We scan whether headings, image tags, and more are being used correctly and with proper schema.
We test URLs for easy readability and relation to page titles.

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2. Identifying

Technical problems impact your search ranking and the usability of your site. If your site takes a long time to load, has broken links, or doesn't work on mobile you can drive your customers away.

Every link, image, and page of your site is scanned.
We find all the links and images that are broken.
We check for SSL, mobile responsiveness, and site speed.

3. Developing a

Our report triages the problems your site has into high, medium, and low priority items and gives you direction on how to correct them. We're here to help you solve some or all of the problems that we find.

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