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Videography Services


Corporate Culture

There's no better way to show people who you are and what your company represents than with a video.


Service Promotion

Let customers see what you can do for them with a promo of an individual service or an overview of them all.


Employee Training

Save time and money on employee training with a video that covers all of the information you need.

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Social Media

Videos optimized in length, style, and content for the best performance on social networks with user targeting.

Our Process

  • Opening Phone Call

    We have a phone call (or in person meeting) to discuss what type of company you run, the services you provide, and what type of video you'd like. Whether that's advertising a specific service or just generally promoting your brand and increasing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram engagement.

  • Project Plan

    We put together some concepts and key ideas for the video based on your company image and desired result and meet up to discuss them with you and find out what you'd like to move forward with.

  • Filming Day

    After finalizing the details of your video (types of shots, time frame, script, location, actors if necessary) we come by with our equipment and you don't have to lift a finger while we gather some amazing footage.

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